‚ÄčThe South Paw

Owners Lisa & Guido Gatti have always dreamed of being proprietors of a bar/restaurant. 
Already successful small business owners of Gatti Evaluation inc., which specializes in researching current topics in education and biomed. Lisa graduated from Penn State University & is a successful Senior Accountant. Guido graduated from Pitt with a BS is Psychology, and an Advanced Degree in Research Methodology. While attending Penn State Lisa bartended in a local pub at State College, and while on her breaks she bartended here locally at Sandcastle in Club Wet. Hence, the dream was born.

Established in 2015.

The name South Paw was born for a couple different reasons: SouthPaw is a slang term often used for 'Left Handed' people, particularly in sports. Guido (one of the owners') father was a Hall of Fame Left Handed Boxer - Joe O'Gatty. Along with that in mind, The South Paw is located in The Southside, and one of the famous symbols for the Pitt Panthers is the Paw! So taking all of that into account & our absolute love of Pittsburgh!

Welcome to our adventure! Newly opened bar in the South Side. Please Come and check us out! Our mission is to cater to Locals, Students, & Service Industry Workers! We promise to invest all we have into providing a great atmosphere, great beer, & most importantly great food. ~ THE SOUTH PAW


Our Story